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The benefits of car paint glass coating

The benefits of car paint  glass coating
Crystal plating for cars is to provide reliable paint sealing technology for car paints, and to effectively and permanently protect the car paints and prevent the environment from affecting the paint color. It is composed of a polymer with a tight structure and stable performance. It does not undergo material changes under severe temperature changes. It can quickly form a smooth, bright and durable hard protective layer after use. It also has the following features:
1, can be successfully applied to any color paint, the formation of a few microns on the surface of the car paint film, the car paint without any corrosion;
2. The perfect combination of hardness and flexibility is achieved. While enhancing the hardness and gloss of the paint surface, it effectively improves the acid resistance, alkali resistance, salt resistance, abrasion resistance, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and UV resistance of the automotive paint surface. Ability to improve the capacity of vehicle protection;
3, has a certain degree of scratch scratch resistance, can resist the slight scratching, effectively reducing the car paint scratch damage;
4, high hardness of the plating crystal. That is to form a solid protective layer in the paint, so that paint is not easy to be scratched;
5, strong penetration. It is very easy to integrate into car paint, easy to clean all the parts that are not easy to clean on the car paint, make the car paint as clean as new;
6, strong adhesion. That is, the coating layer is very strong, it is difficult to be washed off, so it has a long-term protection of car paint, durability up to 1-5 years;
7, strong UV protection. The general wax film under ultraviolet irradiation, wax nutrient loss is relatively fast, so that car paint is easy to appear dry and gloss bottom, thereby oxidizing paint; and plated crystal unique UV protection components, can lasting protection paint The nutrients are not easy to lose, making the car paint lasting bright and bright;
8, after use, make the car paint a sense of three-dimensional. The brightness and vividness of a typical wax film cannot be compared with plating. Car paint using the general wax film, looks only relatively bright, and the use of plated crystal, not only can make the car paint bright, bright, and a clear sense of three-dimensional, car paint looks dazzling;
9, hydrophobic self-cleaning, protect the car paint hydrophobic lotus leaf effect: with superior hydrophobicity, weather resistance, anti-ultraviolet radiation, anti-acid rain, anti-oil and various types of bacterial erosion, no oxidation, no fading, anti-corrosion, wind erosion, anti- Radiation, anti-static, high temperature resistance;
10, clean maintenance. The product is easy to clean and maintain. After the various dusts and all kinds of dirt are directly washed with clean water (without any detergent), the surface of the car body can be restored and kept bright and translucent, even if the surface of the object is stained with oil stains or flying insect slurries. , simply wipe the wet towel directly on the surface of the object can be easily removed, while saving more than 50% of the amount of car wash, while having a super-draining self-cleaning function.