Ancillary Products

glass bottles for car glass coating

Advantage : 1. Great Qulity 2. Accept OEM 4. Timely Delivery/Sincere Service color: Blue capacity: 100ml、50ml、30ml、20ml、10ml cap type

plastic bottle for car nano coating

Our products can be widely used car glass coating The Pantone of the colors for reference. Capacity: 100ml、50ml、30ml product display: pro

Ultra fine fiber towel

No scratch was wiped; not dropping; water quantity of the product is 6 times the towel is 2 times the buckskin towel. The product has strong

Coating special sponge

This product is a special sponge for glass coaing plating. The biggest feature is the surface smooth, soft, do not hurt the car paint! Before

cleaning magic sponge foam for Degreasing

Material is soft and delicate; high foaming and high water absorption effect; can absorb and wrap the dust particles, to avoid the sand scrap